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Barbell Pads

Barbell Pads

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Introducing our barbell pad – the ultimate workout companion designed to elevate your fitness game! Crafted from high-density and super-resilient EVA material, this pad can handle up to 500kg with ease. It's not just tough; it's also non-toxic, tasteless, and features a sweat-repelling surface to keep things dry.

Ready to smash those fitness goals? Our hip thrust pad, measuring 17.3” × 4”, is your secret weapon for pushing limits! It's a perfect fit for all levels and most bar sizes, whether you're into standard or Olympic bars.

Wave goodbye to workout pains! Our squat pad is your cushioned savior, offering comfort for your neck, shoulders, and hips during squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. It's a pain-relief party for your workout routine!

Comfort meets durability! With its thick, shock-absorbing foam, our bar pad ensures maximum comfort and reduces risk of spinal injury. Plus, the built-in straps and breathable nylon cover keep things in place, preventing slips or wiggles. No shifting or spinning allowed here!

Effortless and portable – that's our style! Install or remove this barbell pad in a flash. It's lightweight and easy to carry, so whether you're hitting the gym or setting up elsewhere, it's the perfect workout buddy that's always ready to go!
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